Panther Prowl 2023

We are extremely excited about our upcoming PTA Panther Prowl fundraiser and want to share the details with you. 

*This is the largest yearly fundraiser for your school!*  

The money raised helps pay for school events including movie night, science fair, carnival, as well as many other activities and benefits at your school.

Every student participates in the Fun Run, gets a t-shirt, and has the chance to earn great individual, class and school-wide prizes and events!

What’s Happening: 

Emails Due for Prize: Make sure to send out your informational emails from our website!  You can send up to 5 at a time, just separate the addresses with a comma (,).  You can also put more than one student name in the box for prize credit.   

**Your students will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes when they send out at least 10 emails from our website by 9/26 at 5pm. 

T-shirts!!  Your child’s t-shirt will go home today if you’d like to wash it.  They will need to wear it back to school the next day for the run. 

Fun Run Day: Students should wear their new shirt and running shoes today.  Please make sure they bring a water bottle!!  Students will run/walk with their class for 30 minutes around the track at school.  All students will receive a popsicle at the end of the run.  Please let you teacher know if you child has any food restrictions. 
**Parents are welcome and wanted as cheerleaders!   

Run Times:
K & 1: 9:15 - 9:45
2nd & 3rd: 10:00 - 10:30
4th & 5th: 10:45 - 11:25

*Class pics start 15 minutes before run time.

Early Bird Donations Due: Students who reach the Early Bird Donation goals ($35, $150 & $250) by 5pm today go into drawings for additional prizes!  Students are entered into the drawing for each level they reach!   

Make a Social Media Post: We suggest that you make at least one post on FB, IG, etc asking for friends and family to support your student.  Following is an idea for a post, change it up for your student as necessary!  Student name is participating in Powderhorn Elementary’s Panther Prowl this week!  Her/His goal is to run 35 laps in 30 minutes.  She/He wants to raise $500 for her/his school so she/he can earn a Funny Face Hopper, Squishy Ball, 45" Plush Snake!  Would you donate toward her/his goal?  Every little bit helps – thank you!   

Check on your Students’ Donations: You can look up your students’ donations at   If you have donations that are not showing up online, it is most likely due to a misspelled name or nickname that doesn’t match up to your student’s name on the roster.  Be assured that the Run4Funds staff will go through all donations before any prizing to make sure that they match up to students.  No donations will be missed!